Veterinary Resources

We have gathered together reputable veterinary resources for your convenience.

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Trusted Veterinary Resources

At Companion Pet Care, we know that finding reputable veterinary resources for your pet can be difficult and stressful. That is why we have taken the time to gather together resources we trust.

Emergency Hospitals

During our business hours, Companion Pet Care will do everything we can to assist in emergency situations for your pet. For after-hours emergencies or life-threatening situations, please refer to the following local emergency pet hospitals:

Additional Resources

Vaccine Reactions

Adverse reactions to vaccines do occasionally occur. Monitor your pet for swelling of the face, head, and neck, in addition to vomiting, reluctance to move, and any post-vaccine change in your pet’s attitude or behavior. Some soreness is common.

Reactions are arbitrary and are not related to the brand, type of vaccine, or how it is administered. Treatment costs of vaccine reactions are the owner’s responsibility.

Call our clinic if you have any questions or concerns. If you’re calling after hours, please call Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency at 503-629-5800.

Dog Licensing

To apply for a license for your dog, please visit the Washington County Oregon site.